BIGBANG’s 10th anniversary concert in Japan fascinated 165,000 fans

The stadium live concert that YG's BIGBANG held in Japan in celebration of the 10th anniversary of their debut has ended in a great success, after fascinating 165,000 fans.

The stadium live concert “BIGBANG10 THE CONCERT : 0.TO.10 IN JAPAN” held in celebration of the 10th anniversary of BIGBANG’s debut for three days from July 29 to 31 at Osaka Yanma Stadium Nagai was as fancy as a large-scale music festival.

The tickets of the concert were all sold out long before the concert. Every day, 55,000 fans filled up the stadium to celebrate the 10th anniversary of BIGBANG’s debut. In the open environment of outdoor stadium in a mid-summer day, special DJ-ing session by CHOICE37 who has produced a lot of BIGBANG’s hit songs further raised the anticipation and enthusiasm for the concert.

The opening song was “MY HEAVEN”, the debut song for BIGBANG’s major debut in Japan. When the five members of BIGBANG appeared on the stage amidst grand string sound, explosive acclamation from 55,000 fans filled the stadium up. BIGBANG gave the first performance on two trains on the left and right side of the stage, going around the stadium, to fascinate the fans who were at the standing seat.

Then, BIGBANG marked the grand beginning of the “10th anniversary festival” by giving the performances of “WE LIKE 2 PARTY” and “HANDS UP”. The following performances of “BAD BOY” and “LOSER” electrified the audience. The climax of the concert came when all the audience sang along “GARA GARA GO!” that BIGBANG performed after SEUNGRI’s remark “Let’s recall the days when we just debuted in Japan”.

For solo and unit performances, SEUNGRI, DAESUNG, G-DRAGON, GD&T.O.P, GD X TAEYANG, T.O.P, and TAEYANG presented their hit songs. Plus, the unit of DAESUNG and SEUNGRI gave a special performance of “Joyful” which was included in DAESUNG’s cover album by DAESUNG&SEUGRI unit.

When ballad “IF YOU” and “HARU HARU” were performed at sunset, the whole stadium was overflowing with tender emotions.

G-DRAGON talked about his feelings for the 10th anniversary of BIGBANG’s debut and expressed his gratitude for fans, saying, “For the past 10 years performing as BIGBANG and until today, a lot has happened and I could have never overcome them if it were not for the support from the other members and fans. I really thank you. I still vividly remember what it was like when I made debut. I want to build good memories together with you year after year, growing older with you. I always say this but again, I’ll always work hard so please be with us as you have been so far’.

The live concert for the 10th anniversary of BIGBANG’s debut reached its climax with the performance of “BANG BANG BANG” and “FANTASTIC BABY”.

BIGBANG passionately sang their early hit songs including “LAST FAREWELL”, “SUNSET GLOW”, and “LIES” for encore. BIGBANG performed 23 songs for as long as 2 hours and 25 minutes.

BIGBANG will hold Japan dome tour that will begin at Tokyo Dome on November 5 and 6 to continue to Fukuoka Yafuoku Dome, Osaka Kyocera Dome, and Nagoya Dome. Total 731,500 fans will visit 15 concerts of the tour to be held in four cities in Japan. At Fukuoka Yafuoku Dome, total five concerts will be held, to make BIGBANG set a record of becoming the first artist who holds five concerts of a tour at Yafuoku Dome.

BIGBANG has been carrying out a variety of projects recently, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of their debut. They are now preparing for exhibition “BIGBANG10 THE EXHIBITION: A TO Z” to be held from August 5 to October 30 at S-FACTORY located in Seongsu-dong, Seoul, as well as concert “BIGBANG10 THE CONCERT – ‘0.TO.10’’ to be held on August 20 at the World Cup Stadium in Sangam-dong, Seoul.

Via: YG-Life